Common Sexual Slangs

Porn video titles and descriptions can contain a variety of sexual terms and acronyms. This is especially true in the case of BDSM. If you’re new to porn or haven’t been paying attention, you can be confused by several of them. To assist you, we will list and explain some of the most commonly used sexual slang phrases and abbreviations.

Common Sexual Phrases


American Pie, an adolescent comedy film, popularized the term MILF (1999). It stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck” and refers to a beautiful older woman who may or may not have children. Surprisingly, in porn, actresses tend to fit into one of two categories: teen or MILF pornstars, with little to no room for middle ground.


GILF, which stands for “Grandma I’d Like to Fuck,” is a natural progression from the prior phrase. That is, if you like grayhaired and wrinkly ladies. GILF porn is common and surprisingly popular, yet it frequently features some quite hot pornstars by any standard. If you’re looking for ripe old beauties, is a great place to start.


A cougar, sometimes known as a puma, is an older lady (MILF or GILF) who seeks sexual intercourse with younger men. There are also lesbian and bisexual cougars who start threesomes with young or teen couples. Moms Bang Teens, a site, has a plethora of cougars.


CFNM is an abbreviation for “Clothed Female Nude Male.” This phrase or fetish is frequently associated with feminine dominance and teasing. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of CFNM beauties jerking off a guy, fucking, or having a good time with strippers in a bar.


Although some people use this abbreviation to represent irrational women (Bitches Be Crazy), it actually stands for “Big Black Cock” in sexual slang. We’re talking about huge hogs that require a strong woman to climb and ride. There are a lot of them on interracial porn sites.

Lesbian French Kissing

Those of you who like diminutive or tiny women should be familiar with this one because it relates to just that. A spinner porn video mixed with a BBC results in some jaw-dropping visuals. Exxxtra Small, for example, specializes on the large cocks with small chicks or spinner specialty.


PAWG, or Phatt Ass White Girl, is a cause we can all rally behind, right? We’re talking about greased, adored, sniffed, licked, and fucked bubble buttocks. On the $0 PornHub Premium Network, there’s even a whole site dedicated to this niche.


Whether they are thick, plump, chubby, obese, or buxom, all beauties fit into the BBW category, which stands for “Big Beautiful Woman.” They can be plus-size models with slightly larger curves, slightly overweight, or have a Super-Sized BBW of more over 250 lbs.


FFM stands for “Female, Female, Male.” It’s a quick and easy method to find out what to expect from a threesome, foursome, or group sex.

Lips and Mouth Condom

The act of engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse without the use of a condom or rubber. This sexual vocabulary is as important in gay porn as it is in straight porn.

Face Sitting vs. Queening

A woman will sit on her partner’s face during queening or face sitting so that oral sex, whether genital or anal, can occur (rimming). It can also be used in BDSM play, where a female domina employs force to obtain and maintain her position. Smothering is a version of this in which the spouse on the bottom is deprived of air for brief periods of time.


You would believe this stands for “Director of Photography,” but you couldn’t be more wrong. DP stands for “Double Penetration,” and it’s something you’ll see a lot of top pornstars do.


When experimenting with DP, you might as well go airtight. This porn word simply indicates that a female performer’s orifices are filled during a scene. It might be DP with a blowjob or a mix of gadgets such as butt plugs and fists.


ATM is porn slang for “Ass to Mouth,” and it refers to transitioning from anal to oral intercourse, more specifically a blowjob. It’s not for the faint of heart, because anything may happen in the heat of the moment.

Roast Pork

This is what you do when you have a strap-on and two girls in an FMM threesome. In its most basic form, this consists of one person being sandwiched between two cocks with blowjobs and doggy-style intercourse.


No one has their breasts expanded in a pornographic scenario. This ubiquitous sexual slang term refers to fucking a girl’s tits, also known as titty fucking. It’s better to do it with a pair of large tits, either natural or fake. There’s also RTF, or “Reverse Titty Fucking,” which combines face sitting with rimming or ass licking.

Gonzo Pornography

Gonzo porn gained popularity in the 1990s. Instead of sitting through the tale and poorly spoken words, the scenes jump right to the sex. Seymore Butts and Ben Dover were early Gonzo pioneers.


The facials we’re talking about have nothing to do with cosmetic products, despite the fact that some people believe they make your skin look younger. A facial is when someone rubs their hands all over your face. Facials are a sort of money shot in which the guy ejaculates over his partner’s stomach, face, legs, and feet, among other places.


This sexual slang hails from Japan, the land of the rising sun. Bukkake consists of a lady receiving facials from three or more males. She frequently sits or kneels before being surrounded by costars who then proceed to pleasure themselves and ejaculate on her face one by one.

We hope we were able to decipher some of the most prevalent porn acronyms and sexual slang words. Have fun with your fap sessions.